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Security Services

Tripods Security Protection is well-known for providing business clients in Birmingham and the surrounding areas with the best security guard services available. Our strength is providing reasonable prices without sacrificing the caliber of our services. We may provide customized hours or surveillance that is available around the clock. A wide range of companies, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, event spaces, factories, warehouses, and more, are among our prestigious clientele.

One of the top security companies in the West Midlands, we are renowned for our painstaking attention to detail and steadfast dependability. Many security companies in the Birmingham area come to us as their go-to subcontractors when they need professional security guards in a hurry. Contact us right now to take advantage of

Static Security Guards

Hiring a professional, licensed, and well-trained static security guard to watch you and your property is one of the best ways to deter property crimes. The establishment and growth of a firm are contingent upon the assurance of a safe and secure environment. You must properly secure your property if you want to protect both your business and its pricey assets.

The term “static security guard” describes a guard who is not constantly on the move. A control room with an existing CCTV monitoring device or, in the alternative, a weighbridge is usually where a static security guard is kept. Their main duties are to lower barriers and monitor time clocks, among other things, from their base.

Out Of Hours

Other tasks can include providing security in a reception area after hours. There are a few reasons why a stationary security guard might be required to remain in one location, such as serving as a deterrent to potential criminals or possibly offering First Aid backup during night shifts in locations where it might be required.

The days of the night watchman are long gone; today’s static security guards are skilled experts who know and comprehend their goals and correctly utilize their intuition along with experience to ensure that people and property are safeguarded.

SIA Certified

All our security guards are SIA-certified, respectful, and committed to their business of ensuring the safety of all species. You will find them professional, hardworking, and thoughtful in their problem-solving. Check out our reviews on Google and give us a call to see how we can help you, and your belongings or activities will be safe and secure.

Subcontract Security Service

We have a great database of the authorized, provided, and experienced. They can be transported anywhere in the West Midlands. Whether it’s a one-time job, a last-minute job, or a long-term babysitting job, we can cover it.


We are discreet and will keep our relationship with you confidential so that your customers do not know that you have entered into an agreement with us. We can wear our own clothes or wear yours. If you would like to find out more about our security outsourcing in Birmingham, contact us on+447435343253.

CCTV Security

Even secure premises should be supervised. A fully trained and experienced installation custody as well as video surveillance has a deep impact on the prevention and detection of crime. It provides one of the most reliable deterrents to crime.

Our advanced systems provide the best security for your needs and we can install security cameras in the West Midlands, no matter how difficult your chosen location is. All our tools come with a warranty.

The safety of your home is our number one priority. Our guards are therefore highly qualified and exercise their functions in a very professional manner. Our installation management guards will not only take care of the safety of your premises in Birmingham but will also deal with unwanted circumstances or individuals.

Key Holding

When we talk about security after hours, it is often stressful and difficult to manage. At Tripods Security Protection Ltd, our key management services make things easy. A trustworthy keyholder is required to ensure your business is safe. We will safeguard your set of keys around the West Midlands and be alert and on duty around the clock, 24/7, to respond to any alarm or emergency services. 

Keys are held in secure and legal terms, anonymously, and in local mobile domains. This ensures that in the event of an alarm or an emergency, we can provide quick service. To provide the best customer service, all security personnel are trained according to industry standards. To get more information and ensure the safety of the property, signs are provided and clearly displayed to prevent any interruption or damage.

Residential Security

Securing your home and belongings becomes essential. Tripods Security Protection Ltd provide protection to residential areas in and around Birmingham, for example protecting a standalone property or a larger residential area with a team of security officers. 

We can also provide post-squatter cover, which means we restrict any kind of intrusion into your property and keep you and your property safe from any kind of hassle. Our security staff make regular patrols of the property to ensure extra safety.

Construction Security

The construction industry in the West Midlands suffers enormous losses as a result of theft of plants and materials and damage by site fires etc. 


The presence of a construction site security guard is enough to deter wannabe thieves or vandals and protect your site materials. Contact one of our friendly team members today for a free quote.

Rapid Response

Ensuring that your home is regularly monitored by mobile security professionals can be enough to protect your business.


We can deploy qualified and licensed security personnel anywhere in the West Midlands. Reliability and trustworthiness are values we live by and this is why our clients always come back to us 


Give us a try and see why we are Birmingham’s fastest-response security firm

Event Security

Tripods Security Protection Ltd is a leading, independent crowd control and venue management company. We put public safety first in all aspects of our plans.


 With incomparable depth of knowledge and experience, we are well-prepared to assist event planners, regardless of their importance or the complexity of their work.

Mobile Security

Mobile car operators offer the best cost-effective solutions for on-site security.

At Tripods Security Protection Ltd we provide licensed and uniformed mobile security guards in security vehicles around the West Midlands region to monitor your property on a regular or random basis. Our Mobile Security Officer will alert the office manager of any suspicious or unusual activity in your home and issue a threatening deterrent against the offender. Criminal damage and vandalism.


Mobile security agents can also support the safety of lone workers and can quickly alert you to potential health and safety risks to protect you during working hours.

Warehouses Security

Tampering and theft are two of the security risks in storage and distribution. Human defense can save 1000 in damage.

West Midlands warehouse security staff who are well-trained and licensed will ensure that your goods are protected from any theft or damage.


Call us today for a free quote.

Personnel Guards

We specialize in providing professional security services for your property, people, and events in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Faithful, reliable, and honest.

All our guards are inspected in accordance with British Standard BS:7858 and currently hold S.I.A. licenses.


We appreciate the value of properties and personnel to consumers and corporations alike, that’s why we are constantly improving our services and updating our staff training.

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